Beware of spam email requesting sensitive information 收集個人資料之垃圾郵件

Dear Valued Customer,

[Customer notice] Beware of spam email requesting sensitive information

Some NETVIGATOR customers have received email purporting to have been sent by HKT, asking for NETVIGATOR account information and passwords. We wish to clarify and emphasize that we will never ask for a customer’s account information, password, or any other sensitive personal data, via email.

If you come across any suspicious email claiming to be from NEVIGATOR or HKT, asking for your account information and password, please report the matter immediately by emailing details of the request to , we will follow through the case upon receiving your email.

Helpful reminder: Keep your account secure by changing your NETVIGATOR password at least once every three months. Using the same password for a long period of time may put your email account at risk of being hacked.

NETVIGATOR Customer Service
Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited




如果客戶發現有疑似冒用網上行或香港電訊公司身分發出的可疑電郵,可以透過 向我們舉報,我們將會繼續更緊有關事宜。


Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited

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