Blackberry Japanese language support

Hong Kong electronic goods are popular because it’s easy to get an unlock cell phone from electronic store or a $0 price mobile with a signed mobile service contract (actually this is just a game of maths). Recently, Blackberry launch Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 (a.k.a bb9900) in Hong Kong. The design is different from Blackberry Torch 9800, but equipped a typing keyboard as similar as 9700. I would like to say the new model is a touch screen version of 9700.

However, it likes other blackberry model in HK, it included most of the Asian languages without Japanese support. After a few attempts the trick becomes a piece of cake. I’ll demonstrate it step-by-step. What you need is a computer, blackberry mobile with cables and a internet connection.

  1. Download Blackberry Desktop Software
  2. Download the language pack match with your blackberry model, in this case download the language pack for bb9900
  3. Install the Blackberry Desktop Software in computer
  4. Connect blackberry to the computer make sure the software can recognize correct blackberry model. Unplug the cable with computer when completed
  5. Install the language pack in computer
  6. Connect the cable with computer again
  7. Go to Application section
  8. Scroll down to the Japanese language under East Asian Language section, click + mark next with it
  9. Click Apply at the bottom right, and wait the installation finish. The mobile may be restart afterwards
  10. When installation completed, Japanese language will be available when enable it in Setup > Language

Please note that it is enabling Japanese language support on software level. There is no way to change the typing keyboard labelling.

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