WinXP – Replacing Missing Control Panel Icons

Windows NT 4.0 / XP

Expand the *.cpl file from the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 CD. The following example demonstrates how to expand the file Access.cpl from the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 CD into the C:\Winnt\System32 directory:

expand d:\i386\access.cp_ c:\winnt\system32\access.cpl

For additional information about how to manually open the Control Panel folders, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

180025 ( to Open Control Panel Folders from the Command Prompt

Type the following line at a command prompt to reregister the icons:

rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_FillCache_RunDLL


The following table lists the most common Microsoft Windows NT Control Panel icons and the accompanying *.cpl files:

Icon File name
Accessibility Options Access.cpl
Add/Remove Programs Appwiz.cpl
MSDOS Console Console.cpl
Date/Time Timedate
Display Desk.cpl
Find Fast Findfast.cpl
Fonts Main.cpl
GSNW Nwc.cpl
Intel Pro Set Proset.cpl
Internet Inetcpl.cpl
Licensing Liccpa.cpl
Macfile Sfmmgr.cpl
Mail and Fax Mlcfg32.Cpl
Modems Modem.cpl
Mouse Main.cpl
Multimedia Mmsys.cpl
Network Ncpa.cpl
ODBC32 Odbccp32.cpl
PCCard Devapps.cpl
Ports Ports.cpl
Printers Main.cpl
Regional Settings Intl.cpl
SCSI Adapters Devapps.cpl
Server Srvmgr.cpl
Sounds Mmsys.cpl
System Sysdm.cpl
Tape Devices Devapps.cpl
Telephony Telephon.cpl
UPS Ups.cpl

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