Facebook 攻略: 10 有用小貼士

facebook 一個連無電腦既人都知道既英文字. 怎樣在社交網站內好好表現自己, 盡量唔會令自己露出洋相是一個好好既課題. PCWorld 針對依個課題之前已經 post 過小小既貼士, 現在再提供多幾個大家在 facebook 內要注意既事項. http://www.pcworld.com/article/169120/facebook_etiquette_10_rules_for_better_socializing.html

facebook 既新設定

請注意! Facebook 已同意第三者廣告商任意運用你地係Facebook 入面0既相片, “請Click Settings入面0既Privacy Settings, 再選擇News Feeds & Wall, 選擇Facebook Ads果頁, 係drop down box選擇No One再Save changes.” 咁就可以避免你0既相係其他網站廣告出現.. IMPORTANT – Facebook has agreed to let a third party advertiser use your posted pictures without your permission. Click on SETTINGS up where you see the log out link. Select PRIVACY SETTINGS. Select NEWS FEEDS AND […]


今日出現了一個被喻為世紀日蝕既天文現象. 好多人都因為趕返工, 彷彿忘記今早正在發生既事件, 不過新聞廣播好似每每提醒今日係一個特別既日子. 自己都係其中一個莫不關心既人, 實情係錯過了報導既時間, 唯有希望明天新聞重溫一小段吧. 其實網上都有相關既資料, 仲圖文並彙非常詳細, 有興趣可以到下列網址看看吧! 日食: http://www.phy.cuhk.edu.hk/astroworld/SE2009/SE2009.html

[轉載] How to shop for your first Digital SLR

Getting a digital SLR camera for the first time is a big step in any photographer’s career. It’s a big purchase, and there are many more things to keep in mind than when just buying a point-and-shoot model. Here are a few things you should be aware of when getting a brand new DSLR. 1. […]

Install win32 codecs for mplayer

自從安裝了 slax 後, 差不多將它視為自家製既 quick start 功能. 因為它與其他版本既 linux 無異, 所以亦安裝了睇 video 既軟件. 但有幾次睇片既時候出現了一個 error message – wmvdmod.dll 問題. 在網上找到既原因是缺少了 mplayer 既 essential codec package. 只要到 mplayer 既官方網站下載到電腦, 再將它解壓並放置於 /usr/lib/win32 便可. 詳情可參考下列網址: Linux & Java tips: Install win32 codecs for mplayer in Ubuntu Gutsy http://lj4newbies.blogspot.com/2007/11/install-win32-codecs-for-mplayer-in.html