Ingress Report Episode 60

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Highlight: Introduce local operations around the world – Green 86, Represent!, San Juan Bautista, Stop War, 0de2Joy, Blue Pyramid, 12Parsecs/Green Vader, Illuminati, 101 Roses, Where is Corsica, Easter Onion, S. Pacific Interitus, Ulysses Marbles and Tidal Wave

Ingress Report Episode 59

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Ingress Report Episode 58

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firefox 29.0.1 推出


自早前推出 firefox 29 後, 一個月內 firefox 推出了版本 29.0.1. 這種版本號的編碼較之前 firefox 源用的 xx.xx 不同, 似乎意味著更新不多.

電腦版更新 手機版更新 29.0.1 -pdf.js printing white page (1003707) 29.0.1 – ‘Send Tab to Devices’ menu item restored (bug 1005074) 29.0.1 – Tabs not visible with dark themes under Windows 8.1 (907373) 29.0.1 – Character Encoding selection broken (1003897) 29.0.1 – Session […]

Ingress Report Episode 57

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Apple certification retirement schedule 2014

Product Cerificate Name Item Retirement Date Mountain Lion Mountain Lion 101: OS X Support Essentials 10.8 Course 6-Jun-2014 Mountain Lion Apple Certified Support Professional 10.8 Certification 6-Jun-2014 Mountain Lion OS X Support Essentials 10.8 Exam 6-Jun-2014 Mountain Lion ACT Mountain Lion 101 (Trainer Exam) Exam 6-Jun-2014 Mountain Lion Mountain Lion 201: OS X Server […]

Ingress Report Episode 56

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