Howto: Replace Graffiti 2 with Original Graffiti

Many users have expressed frustration with PalmSource’s move away form the Original Graffiti input system they have used and been accustomed to for many years. A simple method to replace Graffiti 2 has been discovered. Read on for a full step by step tutorial. Back in January, PalmSource announced a licensing agreement for CIC’s Jot handwriting recognition software for the […]

Showbehind adremove.exe

There is an easy way to stop Showbehind Display Ads. To delete the Adware ShowBehind, the following processes should be terminated; [press ctrl+alt+del to view the tasklist] showbehind.exe These registry entries should be removed (if present) [editing the windows registry can be dangerous]; HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run\showbehind These files should be removed; \sbnet\showbehind.exe For full removal – finally […]