Samsung Galaxy S2 功能系列 – Exchange email setup

Galaxy S2 is the second most popular mobile in Hong Kong recently. Galaxy S2 equipped dual core cpu and provided outstanding performance. And it enhanced the app listing even better than iPhone. Besides a personal mobile, Galaxy S2 can be a powerful business mobile, too. I’ll show you how to setup an Exchange email account in Galaxy S2. Hope it is useful to your guys. Enjoy~

P.S.: Most of the steps are also applicable to other android mobile.

  1. Press the Home Key Galaxy S2 home button to the home screen
    Galaxy S2 home screen
  2. Press the Menu Key Galaxy S2 menu button and tap on Settings
    Galaxy S2 settings
  3. Tap on Accounts and sync
    Galaxy S2 account and sync
  4. Tap on Add account button
    Galaxy S2 add account
  5. Tap on Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
    Galaxy S2 Exchange
  6. Enter following information:
    – Email Address
    – User name
    – Email password
    – Exchange server name
    Tip: Tap the box below password to enable sending email from this account as default is you so choose. This option will only appear if there will be more than one account.
    Galaxy S2 email info
  7. Please review the information in the previous step if you encounter any error messages.
    Galaxy S2 exchange error
  8. Maximize information collection as following settings:
    – Peak schedule: Push- Off
    – peak schedule: Push
    – Period to sync email: 1 month
    – Emails retrieval size: All
    – Period to sync Calendar: All calendar
    – Notify me when email arrives
    – Sync Contacts
    – Sync Calendar
    Galaxy S2 sync settingsGalaxy S2 sync options
  9. Fill the account name as Exchange
    Galaxy S2 exchange naming
  10. After completed successfully, a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync item will be listed in Mange Accounts section
    Galaxy S2 exchange setup done
  11. Press back button Galaxy S2 back button until home screen
    Galaxy S2 home screen


Galaxy S2 功能系列 – Exchange 電郵設定


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