How to extend LVM partition in quick way

Recently, I got so many chances to expand LVM hard disk partition in Linux. If your system is able to shut down and perform the partition enlargement, below are the steps for you.

– Ubuntu live image, iso or USB

  1. Shutdown the system. The best option is proper shut the system down, even it is 100% full.
  2. Enlarge the partition. It is the easiest if it is a VM.
  3. Boot the system by live image.
  4. Run GParted.
  5. Stop the current LVM partition
  6. Resize the LVM volumn, need do both extended and logical partition.
  7. Apply the changes and restart the system as normal.
  8. Locate the right partition by checking pvdisplay command.
  9. As most of the tasks are done in GParted, run lvextend -l+100%FREE <LV Name>.
  10. Run resize2fs <LV Name>.
  11. Restart the system again to make sure everything ok.

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