Install Google Chrome in Slitaz 4.0

Updated: 9-Jan-2013 10:56AM HKT

Recently, I’m writing an article about how to make a Chrome OS-like linux by using Slitaz. However, when running get-google-chrome to install the Google Chrome browser, my slitaz box telling me can’t found the source file in Google.

Slitaz official fixed the problem on 8-Jan-2013. Just update the get-google-chrome package and run get-google-chrome again will be fixed.

google chrome install error

The reason why it failed is because of the download URL problem. Google offered plain http URL for download the source before, recently it changed to a secure https URL. However, the bundled wget command does not support https download. To solve the problem, we need lynx or links to get the file we needed. Lynx or links are text based web browser with https support. So, let your slitaz box online and run the following command:

tazpkg get-install lynx

Once the installation is finished. We need edit get-google-chrome file in /usr/bin. I’m using lynx in my case. Below are what I edited (highlighted in red):

Line no. Original New Changes
line 04: PACKAGE=”google-chrome-unstable PACKAGE=”google-chrome-stable
line 06: URL=”$DEBPKG” URL=”$DEBPKG”
line 08: TEMP_DIR=/tmp/$PACKAGE-$$ TEMP_DIR=/tmp
line 39: wget $URL lynx $URL

Save and exit the editing once done. Run the get-google-chrome command as usual. Lynx will asking accept the secure certification before continue. After accept the SSL cert, the download will begin once you press d.

lynx accept SSL cert download google chrome

Save the file to /tmp
save google chrome

The original installation process will keep going after the downloaded file saved. You should able to find the favorite google chrome icon on the applications list under Internet section.

google chrome on menu list

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