iTunes 12 Days of Gifts 2013 X’mas

12 Days of Gifts 2013 X'masApple 延續早前 Days of Gifts 既精神, 在 2013 聖誕節再度推出 12 Days of Gifts 2013. 這個限免驚喜由 26-12-2013 至 6-1-2014, 横跨至 2014, 令今個聖誕充滿驚喜.

From December 26 to January 6, you can download a gift each day—songs, apps, books, movies, and more—with the 12 Days of Gifts app. Each day’s gift will only be available for 24 hours, so download the free app to make sure you don’t miss out. Note: Not all content is available in all countries.

不過, 跟據官方說明指出部份限免物品有機會因地區不同而改變. 可能大家需要改變 itune 設定去集齊全套限免禮物.

想知今年 iTunes 12 Days of Gifts 2013 X’mas 有咩驚喜? 梗係留意小棗為大家既介紹!

Updated:4-Jan-2014 02:10PM HKT

Day 1 Justin Timberlake iTunes Festival 2013 Single:
– SexyBack (Live)
– Take Back the Night (Live)
– True Blood (Live)
– TKO (Live)
Day 2 Rovio Stars Ltd. Tiny Thief
Day 3 Juicy Bits Halftone 2 – Comic Book Creator
Day 4 Toca Boca AB Toca House
Day 5 Chris Columbus Home Alone
Day 6 Joey Yung iTunes Session, Pt. 2 – Single:
– 小日子 (iTunes Session)
– 我杯茶 (iTunes Session)
– 臨床 (iTunes Session)
Day 7 Ubisoft Rayman Jungle Run
Day 8 Rayark Inc. Cytus
Day 9 Qu Wan Ting Say The Words (Special Holiday Edition) Single:
– 愛的海洋
– 陽光下的我們
– Drenched
Day 10 Kyle Balda & Samuel Tourneux Despicable Me Presents: Minion Madness
Day 11 Illusion Labs Mr. Crab
Day 12 The Rolling Stones Sweet Summer Sun, Live in Hyde Park 2013 Single:
– Beast of Burden
– Tumbling Dice
– Doom & Gloom


12 Days Of Gifts 2013


  • I’m travelling outside of the country or region in which I have my iTunes store account. Does that affect the countdown an nd when new gifts arrive?

    Because the countdown and new gifts are based on the timezone associated with your account, new gifts will be available at midnight in that timezone. If you are in a country or region with multiple timezones, gift availability will be based on the easternmost timezone.


  • How do I download my gift?

    To download a gift, tap View Gift and then tap Free. To download gifts, you must be signed in with your Apple ID. To download books, you must have the free iBook app installed. Content availability may vary per region.


  • Why am I getting an error telling me to check that my account information is correct?

    This can happen if your country or region settings in the 12 Days of Gifts app don’t match your settings in iTunes. Check that your country or region associated with the billing address of your Apple ID.


  • Where can I find the gifts I’ve downloaded?

    On your iOS device, you can find your music in the Music app, your TV episodes and films in the Videos app and your books in iBooks app. You can download iBooks for free from the App Store. Apps will appear on your home screen. On your computer, you can find your music, TV and film content in your iTunes library and books in your iBooks library. Content availability may vary per region.


  • Why am I having trouble downloading my app over my mobile network?

    You must have a WiFi connection to download files over 100 MB.How can I get enough storage to download my gift on my iPhone, iPad or iPod?If you don’t have enough free storage, you can delete other apps or media from your device to create space for your gift. If you don’t want to delete any apps or media from your iOS device, you can download your gift on your computer. Note that some content may be designed for iPad or iPhone, and may not be spotted on a computer.


  • How can I access my gifts on my computer, Apple TV or other iOS devices?

    With iTunes in the Cloud, your gifts and other content can be accessed with your other devices, including your computer and Apple TV. Note that iTunes in the Cloud is only available in certain countries and regions, and some content may not be spotted on all devices.Film rentals are not transferable to other devices.


  • How long will it take my film to download?

    Your download time will depend on the speed of your Internet connection.


  • Can I download my film later?

    Yes. You can download your film later from the Videos app or your iTunes library.


  • How can I watch my film with subtitles or in a different language?

    Many films in the iTunes Store feature subtleties and audio tracks in a variety of language.For additional help, go to the Movies & TV section of iTunes Support.

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