How to manage reference in MS Access 2007

To set a reference to an application’s type library:

On the Tools menu, click References. The References command on the Tools menu is available only when a Module window is open and active in Design view. Select the check boxes for those applications whose type libraries you want to reference. […]

Excel formula I

平時用 MS Access 就用得多, 其中有一個叫 format 既 function 可以將資料用規定特定既格式輸出. 但係有日係 Excel 就唔識用, 仲搞咗好耐. 最後當然俾我搞掂, 就係用 Text() , 例如 =Text(7,”00″) 輸出結果為 07


一個好搞笑既 Office 2010 廣告

How to use Microsoft Access command mode

大致上有: /excl, /ro, /user, /pwd, /profile, /compact, /repair, /convert, /x, /cmd, /nostartup, /wrkgrp 同 /runtime. 想知多 d 就 click 入下面條 link 睇睇啦~

[轉載] Hackers Exploit Access Database Flaw

A hole in Microsoft’s Access database permits hackers to install software on vulnerable systems, the US-CERT team warns. Robert McMillan, IDG News Service

Online criminals are exploiting a flaw in the Microsoft Office Access database to install unauthorized software on computers, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has warned.

In its brief warning, […]

MS Access 網上筆記

找到一個好似好好既網站, 同大家分享一下:

Age calculation in MS Access

今日係公司諗緊用一個最有效既方法用出生日期去計算年紀. 以下為得出之答案:

= Fix(DateDiff(“y”, [Input Date], Now()) / 365.25)


Fix 是只取除數後既整數, 忽略餘數;

因為一年為 365 日, 而每 4 年會多 1 日, 所以平均會多 0.25 日