SQL statement – inner join

Today still hammering on SQL statement. As a beginner, I surely got problems on that. I just want to share the SQL syntax to beginner like me.

SELECT [Table1].[Field], [Table2].[Field] FROM [Table1] INNER JOIN [Table2] ON [Table1].[Key Field]=[Table2].[Key Field] WHERE GROUP BY ORDER BY

SQL statement ordering

Recently, I’ve got a small task on creating a SQL enquiry statement. As a beginner, it’s still a easy thing to complete a statement, but it returns a error to me. I asked google about the error, after a while I understand the reason about the error message.

It has a style to complete a […]

Update user password in MySQL

UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD(‘newpass’) WHERE User=’bob’ AND Host=’%.foo.bar’; FLUSH PRIVILEGES;

如何讓 SQL 資料轉化為 Excel 檔案

以下為一篇如何讓 SQL 資料轉化為 Excel 檔案. 各位有興趣的話, 可以再加強其功能.

請 <按此> 觀看

安全地更新 mysql root password

1. mysql

2. update mysql.user set Password=PASSWORD(‘<root_password>’) where User=’root’ and Hostname='<host>’;

3. flush privileges;

4. quit;