WordPress tagcloud problem

近日更新了 wordpress 及 atahualpa 後, 發現 tagcloud 部份出問題, 所有 tag 會沒有分隔連起一齊. 在苦無對策之下, 當然要向 google search 求救. 原來係 atahualpa 處理 style sheet 時發生問題. 解決方法可以在 atahualpa folder 內修改 css.php, 到最後部份 (大約 2944-2951 行)

if ( $bfa_ata[‘css_compress’] == “Yes” AND !( isset($bfa_ata_debug) AND $bfa_ata[‘allow_debug’] == “Yes” ) ) { ob_end_flush(); } if ( isset($bfa_ata_preview) OR $bfa_ata[‘css_external’] == “Inline” […]

How to add favicon in your WordPress

1. get your favicon file

2. upload in your web site

3. edit the header.php under your current theme directory

4. add the following line between the <header> … </header>

<link rel=”icon” href=”/favicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon” media=”screen” />

5. save the header.php and refresh your web browser