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Dear Valued Customer:

Use of Personal Data in Direct Marketing

To ensure you are well informed of our latest offers, including any gifts, discounts, benefits and other promotions, please note that we will continue to provide you with information relating to our telecommunications network services*, computer peripheral, accessories and software^. We will also continue to provide you with the latest offers from our business partners on various kinds of products or services including travelling, banking, entertainment, transportation, household, apparel, food & beverages, insurance, education, health and wellness, social networking, media and high-end consumer products. Such information could be delivered to you personally through various communication channels by using your email address, correspondence address, mobile phone number, telephone number, service number and service account number. You may subsequently send your request to our Privacy Compliance Officer at together with your registered name and service account no. to stop or start receiving the same (if you have unsubscribed from receiving such before).

*all services or products operating or can be operated on our telecommunications network including TV, mobile voice and data communications, IDD/roaming, entertainment and information services, Internet connectivity and data communications on Internet.

^notebook, handsets, mobile devices and accessories, keyboards, security installations, etc.

Remarks: This notice has been sent to you as you are a customer of one or more of the service providers listed in this letter. You can be reassured that no data has been transferred as part of this notification and we will continue to safeguard your personal data in accordance with the law.


Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited
PCCW Mobile HK Limited
PCCW Media Limited






為確保您能充分了解我們的最新優惠,包括任何禮品、折扣、優惠及其他宣傳優惠,我們將繼續為您提供有關電訊網絡服務*、電腦周邊產品、配件和軟件^的資訊以及我們業務合作夥伴的各種產品或服務的最新情報,包括旅遊、銀行、娛樂、交通、家居、服裝、餐飲、保險、教育、健康及保健、社交網絡、媒體及高級消費類產品。我們有機會使用您的電郵地址、通訊地址、手機號碼、電話號碼、服務號碼和服務帳戶號碼透過不同聯絡方式通知您相關的資訊。倘若您希望停止或重新接收我們的資訊,您可隨後連同您已登記的姓名及賬戶號碼,電郵至 通知我們的私隱條例事務主任。

* 所有現正或適用於我們電訊網絡運作的服務或產品,包括電視、流動話音及數據通訊、IDD/國際漫遊、娛樂及信息服務、互聯網連接及互聯網數據通訊。

^ 筆記型電腦、手提電話、流動裝置及配件、鍵盤、防禦裝置等。

備註: 若您為信上所列任何一間或多間服務供應商的客戶,則會收到本通知。您的資料不會因本通知而被轉移,我們將繼續根據有關法例去保障您的個人資料。

Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited
PCCW Mobile HK Limited

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